Selling dreams

Sold one 50 call on TNA for 2.0

If it goes 50% profitable by next week i will close it. If not I’ll let it ride, maybe even assign away some of my lot. Will be missing some profit if TNA over 52.


Updated quotes here


Another round of terror

Sold off one of the contracts at 1307 and sold a 1250 put, much happier to pick it back up down here should I be assigned- which looks very probable now ES U 1246- than holding on to what was 45 points higher.  I want to buy heavily, but I have enough long right now.

I can’t see this as anything other than a shakeout.

Holy Shnikes!

quite the dip!  I bot into it with 3 septembers, and probably won’t exit any time soon- but I can’t lose much since I had the old sep puts I never sold.  I rarely sell off remaining protection if I’ve already taken in enough profit to offset the cost, and this almost always pays off and I can use them again as is the case now. I’ve taken on 3 ES @ 1335, 1305, and 1295.  I’m not sure where I plan to exit, because I see 1250 or lower as a possibility in the near term.  Hopefully I’m wrong because I want to offload these puppies and start looking at October’11 or Jan’12.  Looking to reap some low hanging premium here.  I expect the oscillation to continue, but really hoping for the trend to burst higher.  I want to set my sell targets the same as last time – 1330 to 1340, but that is the natural human mistake.  Going to hold and see what the gut says.

Made some tie dye shirts with friends for Furthur’s arrival in Saint Augustine.  I think they turned out amazing and I can’t wait for the show.



down to -1310!

Preparing to take assignent at 1335.  Still two more days in the week to bounce over, but that is doubtful considering the fear tactics going on.

Next week will start selling calls on the new position.

 Down to 1326 bouncing on lower fib lines on the black chart from yesterday– updated if you click the link here.  If I see lower than 1320 I might start picking up contracts again.  Technically should be up.  Looking forward to the rest of the week.


Just drawing some possibilities for the weekend. I will update this with what really happened.

Though not just yet, I think the market is still headed up up and away- for the purposes of re-election because of the idea that market height means economy is good. I am confused by Obama’s statement “This may bring my presidency down” on the subject of long term debt ceiling rising. He actually said, “I will not yield on this” -which is funny because they are raising the ceiling for the purpose of buying yield(bonds). No one is going to successfully impeach him for vetoing resistance. Inflation of the market is the reason the powerful are trying to raise the debt ceiling. Traders have been saying for years to trust markets moving up closer and closer to election time. Thank you Jul for pointing that out to me before I heard it anywhere else.

What we have going on now is the ratings agencies are now promising to downgrade the USA.  Who do you think owns them and controls all their ratings? If you haven’t watched “Inside Job” go do it now!


I’ve covered remaining shorts today, as I am very satisfied with this dip action ensuing my fresh sell out.  Sold calls in the hopes of re-assuming higher or at least taking some extra profit.  So, for now, I am content with the contention that 1340 was a good sell point.