what’s occurring: oil lows

crude is still bumbling around. word echoing production is high, with supplies previously excellent. three acquaintences in the industry laid off.

yearly low of 26 mid Feb 2016FullSizeRender.jpg

SMA ballet

some petrol and natural gas options, near term and leaps to 2019 for USO, XOP, OIL, UNG. As well some small underlying long with covered calls and protection with plans to hold for years. maybe energy demands are changing, shifting from hydrocarbons… maybe oil goes back up when the top is ready for it.

ASIDE from oil, sold some short c-spreads on BAC for the second little bump since drumpf claims to be responsible for market lift. A few days later and now ready to close those at .01 since earnings came out. GS is telling of danger, but if overall keeps up and up, good.

Some inauguration plays preparing for the event of a serious schooling when drumpf university effect goes from NY greedy fools to the innocent masses.

speaking of school, now back in session for spring 2017.

BIG PICTURE… fed rate is still under 1% as it has rested for the past seven years. from 2009 to 2014 the rate was UNCH near zero. recently a slight increase of approx 0.25 for the past two Decembers of ’15 and ’16.